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Pulleys & Lagging

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Douglas® manufactured conveyor pulleys come in both drum and self cleaning wing styles. There are five classes of drum pulleys: Heavy Duty, Mine Duty, Quarry Duty, Extreme Duty and Engineered Class. Wing pulleys come in Heavy Duty, Mine Duty, Quarry Duty and Extreme Duty classifications. Douglas® pulleys are manufactured by professionals and we are totally committed to providing you with the highest quality pulleys available.

Standard Heavy Duty Drum Pulleys
Standard Heavy Duty Wing Self-Cleaning Pulleys
Mine Duty/Mill Duty Drum Pulleys
Mine Duty/Mill Duty Wing Self Cleaning Conveyor Pulleys
Mine Duty Extreme™ Drum Pulleys
Mine Duty Extreme™ Wing Pulleys
Quarry Duty Drum Pulleys
Quarry Duty Wing Self-Cleaning Pulleys
Engineered Class Conveyor Drum Pulleys
Hubs & Bushings Interchangeable with QD® Style
Hubs & Bushings Interchangeable with XT® Style
Keyless Locking Assembly

Pulley Selection Data Sheet
XT Bushing Installation and Operation
QD Bushing Installation and Operation
Vulcanized Pulley Lagging
Ceramic Pulley Lagging
Replaceable Rim Lagging™
Sectional Retainer Lagging
Bolt-On Replaceable Rim Lagging™
Replaceable Wing Lagging™
Machined Shafting
Conveyor Pulley Assemblies

All dimensions and specifications subject to change without notice. Certified dimensions and specifications of ordered material available on request.
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