Douglas® manufactured Idlers are engineered for demanding CEMA B, C, D or E applications with an interference fit between the shaft and the bearing for improved sealing, better stability and longer life. Douglas® idlers are available in a wide variety of configurations including: troughing, return, impact, rubber disc return, self aligning trough, self aligning return, scale quality and live shaft.



  • Deep drawn steel end cap with metal outer seal provides excellent durability and protection
  • Exclusive Triple Lip Polyurethane Contact Seal helps prevent bearing contamination
  • The optional Defender™ Polymer Flinger helps prevent material buildup between the end of the roll and the frame as well as helps provide additional sealing in wet and corrosive applications
  • CNC Machined, shouldered shaft helps ensure proper bearing alignment
  • Rigid, self cleaning, welded steel frame with interchangeable mounting slots
  • Heavy precision ground sealed for life ball bearings
  • Reduced friction levels help conserve energy
  • Meets or exceeds CEMA B, C, D & E idler ratings


Idler Specifications


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Guardian3™ Premium Return Roll Guard

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Safety, Operation & Maintenance Manual

DTA – Negotiator Bidirectional Self-Aligning Return Idler with Steel Rolls

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DTA – Negotiator Bidirectional Self-Aligning Return Idler with Rubber Disk Rolls

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