Douglas Manufacturing

Douglas conveyor products are proudly made in the USA and strive to make your conveyor operations safer and more profitable.

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Douglas Manufacturing is honored to be, once again, nominated for the 2022 Alabama Manufacturer of the Year Awards!


The Vortex™ Spiral Clean Pulley offers more efficient self cleaning ability than standard wing pulleys.


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Conveying Innovation

Learn more about Douglas and how we continue to codify our legacy as a leader and innovator in the conveyor industry. Douglas is on a mission to maintain its status as a recognized leader and continue to help our customers make their conveyor operations safer and more profitable. Our success is marked by a commitment to customers, the industry, and maintaining a forward momentum marked with an aim to achieve new milestones in bulk material handling.

Douglas Products

Douglas bucket elevator pulley

Pulleys & Lagging

Douglas Pulleys and Lagging products were made for harsh conditions and to keep your operations going without interruption.


Douglas® manufactured idlers are engineered for demanding CEMA B, C, D or E applications and come in a wide variety of configurations. 

Magnetic Separators & Metal Detectors

Douglas Electro and Permanent Magnets can remove ferrous metal from your material. Add Douglas Metal Detectors downstream of the magnet for more protection.

Impact Beds

Douglas impact beds are engineered to protect the conveyor belt and help to eliminate the cost of idler maintenance and failure.

Take Ups

Douglas take-ups are designed to help take up belt stretch as it relates to the belt conveyor system.