Douglas® Vanguard™ electromagnetic separators are used in applications where a stronger magnetic field is required due to suspension height, belt speed or burden depth. These magnets are popular for protection of downstream equipment in conveyor systems, including crushers and bark hogs.

Electromagnetic separators are oil-filled and utilize state-of-the-art anodized aluminum coils, expansion tanks, and solid core construction for maximum performance and longevity. Douglas also offers robust power supplies. NEMA 4 enclosures are standard with 480 VDC power supplies. Custom cabinets and special voltage inputs are available on request. Anodized aluminum coils have a standard 10 year warranty.

Sizes Available

  • 18” to 72” belt widths
  • Up to 26” suspension heights
  • Custom sizes and application specific designs

Self Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators (ESH)

  • Automatically discharges tramp metal away from the conveyor
  • Heavy grade structural steel frame complete with CEMA class lagged crown face head pulley, tail pulley and Slide Tube® belt take-ups
  • Heavy duty rubber cover belt standard with hot vulcanized cleats
  • Shipped complete, factory test run and ready for installation
  • CLASS II shaft mount gear drive with TEFC motor (custom drives available)

Download technical information. (PDF)

Manual Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators (EMH)

  • Manual cleaning of ferrous metal required
  • Power off for easy cleaning
  • Shipped complete and ready for installation

Download technical information. (PDF)

ESH – Self Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators

Download technical information. (PDF)

EMH – Manual Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators

Download technical information. (PDF)

Industrial Electromagnets and Related Equipment

Electromagnets are used in a multitude of different industries. Unlike a permanent magnet, these devices require an electric current to be applied to the device in order to generate a strong magnetic field.

Douglas provides both Manual and Self Cleaning Electromagnetic Separators in a range of sizes made right here in the USA, which ship ready for installation. Simply unload it off the pallet, hook it up, and they’re ready to go.

With our self cleaning models, customers simply install, test and let the electromagnet separator do all the work from there. No more wasting workers’ valuable time cleaning metal out of material. 

These models also come with a heavy duty rubber belt, meaning even those large pieces of metal will not be capable of causing damage. Finally, with the CLASS II Shaft mount gear drive, you know you’re receiving a high quality product with easy access to replacement parts when you need them. 

Electromagnets manufactured by Douglas Manufacturing allow customers to maintain a high quality product, increase productivity and experience less downtime. When you go with Douglas, you know you have the right equipment for the job. Plus, if you ever have a question, you have a knowledgeable supplier who’s just a phone call away.


Electromagnets in Modern Industrial Systems

Electromagnets are commonly used in industrial automation systems and come in all shapes and sizes. In pharmaceutical processing, the final product will usually get a magnetic sweep to ensure no iron particles remain from the machinery. Mining is another industry that often uses these systems during material handling.


Electromagnetics for Mining Applications

Larger electromagnet equipment similar to the product shown above have a definite application in the mining industry. They’re used to lift and separate ferrous metals away from the materials being handled by an industrial conveyor system. 

In mining, leftover equipment and tools can pose a hazard and must be removed before the raw material reaches processing equipment. Leftover tools and other ferrous metals are often referred to as tramp metal. Lifting tramp metal away from a conveyor in a mining operation is critical to protecting equipment down the line. That’s where an electromagnet comes into the equation. When tools, bucket teeth and bore crowns pass the magnetic separator, they get lifted up, piece by piece, by the strong magnetic field while the desired material continues down the conveyor line.

Electromagnets make a great option for magnetic separation because the field can be turned on and off with control systems. This allows for the advent of self-cleaning separation where the field is turned off temporarily in a nearby location so that the attracted ferrous scrap can fall safely away from the conveyor belt. As we mentioned above in our product description, this is commonly referred to as a self cleaning electromagnetic separator. Depending on the application and location, this may be the best option, or you may also see a manual cleaning magnetic separator in locations where personnel are available to clean and maintain the equipment more frequently.

For more information on both types of magnetic separators, be sure to download our brochures above for specifics on each product. Or visit our homepage to see the full line of engineering solutions we provide at Douglas Manufacturing. For over 40 years, we’ve been a leading innovator in the conveyor industry. We’re proud to offer custom design solutions for a diverse range of industrial applications.

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