Drum pulleys are engineered by the professionals at Douglas to be the most durable pulleys in industry. They are developed using a combination of more than 40 years of experience and state of the art computer design and analysis tools.

All Douglas drum pulleys feature our exclusive single piece rolled rim, solid steel pipe or tubing design that ensures long-life, durability and helps ensure proper belt tracking.

One piece solid steel rims and end discs are welded into a single assembly using the most precise welding methods available to ensure the maximum level of strength and durability.

Rubber lagging is applied in our plant using a state of the art autoclave for maximum bond and total quality control.

Pulley Comparison

Five classes available to suit your specific needs:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Mine Duty
  • Pulp and Paper Mill Duty™
  • Quarry Duty
  • True Engineered Class

XT Style hubs and bushings are standard with Keyless Locking Elements and Stainless steel hubs and bushings. Lagging styles include:


  • Standard Lagging in plain, herringbone/chevron, diamond, spiral or with machined finishes
  • Ceramic Lagging for increased lagging life and more traction
  • Replaceable Rim Lagging®
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