Pulley Lagging: Unmatched Performance + Less Maintenance

Douglas Manufacturing is headquartered in Pell City, AL, where all of our conveyor components are proudly designed and manufactured.  We remain a leading manufacturer of conveyor components since 1978, and we believe building America starts with us. 

Each of our products are innovative, cost-effective, and made from only the highest quality materials. We strive to provide the fastest lead times in the industry while helping our customers make their operations safer and more profitable.

Have Questions about Douglas Pulley Lagging?

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-884-0064 or contact us online. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have and help you select the right pulley lagging product for your specific needs.

Vulcanized Pulley Lagging with Exceptional Performance

Delivering increased traction and increased pulley life, Douglas® Truck Tire Tuff™ Conveyor Pulley Lagging offers the highest level of performance. By reducing belt slippage, the increased traction helps improve belt tracking. 

Douglas’ vulcanized rubber lagging protects the pulley’s face from common wear and tear. 

It also offers up to a 50% increase in coefficient of friction over non lagged pulleys.

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Ceramic Pulley Lagging for Maximum Efficiency 

Ceramic Pulley Lagging will increase traction over a conventional pulley due to the Grade 2 Ceramic Lagging features. These features include a ⅝” thick rubber with patented ceramic tiles permanently bonded inside the rubber. This allows for the Ceramic Pulley to increase service life as well as reduce required maintenance. 

With reduced belt slipping, the Ceramic Pulley Lagging will be sure to increase efficiency as well as lower cost. These durable ceramic tiles will last longer which will allow you to get more work done with less changing out of the pulley.

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Replaceable Rim Lagging

Replaceable Rim Lagging is the best way to cover old and new pulleys.

The protective shell of rubber and steel are the perfect way to protect your pulleys while saving money and time. Replaceable Rim Lagging comes standard with diamond grooving as well as a rolled crown face. Replaceable Rim Lagging allows for re-lagging the pulley in the field without removing it from the conveyor.

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