Douglas showcased our complete line of innovative conveyor components at ConExpo Con/Agg. The lineup included problem-solving components such as the Interceptor™ Super Duty Self-Cleaning Magnetic Separator, NEW Premier™ Duty Drum Pulley, Vortex® Spiral Clean Pulley, CEMA C, D & E Class Idlers, and Guardian®. Paul Ross, President of Douglas Manufacturing, illustrates our components.

Douglas Manufacturing – Conveying Innovation at ConExpo Con/Agg 2023

We’re featuring our NEW Premier™ Duty Drum Pulley with an integral end disc—where the bushing mounts directly into the pulley end disc. So we’ve eliminated the welded-in hub, which improves the service life of the pulley and the durability of the product. This product also features ceramic lagging and multiple configurations, bolt-on rim lagging, which is a replaceable lagging system, and weld-on lagging, which is the most popular replacement lagging system that we offer.

We’re also featuring our CEMA D 6”-diameter Idler that features a 25mm bearing and shaft and has a triple polyurethane seal to keep contaminants out and help increase the idler life in the application.

The CEMA C Impact Idler features rubber discs that absorb impact at the critical transfer point, helping to extend the idler life and helping to extend the belt life in the application. The CEMA C idler is sealed for life. It features a 20mm bearing and shaft, and it has a triple polyurethane seal to keep contaminants out and help keep the bearings rolling very smoothly and freely in the application.

This is a Vortex® Spiral Clean Pulley. It helps improve conveyor performance by eliminating noise and vibration in the application. And it improves the self-cleaning ability of the pulley by augering out the material when it accumulates between the belt and the pulley. It’s a unidirectional design that captures the material, spirals it around inside the pulley and then discharges it out from the plows on the sides. One of the unique features of this pulley is that it incorporates flights, not wings. And another unique feature is that it has an AR400 (abrasion-resistant) contact bar in the center sections and on the edges to support the belt and increase pulley life.

We have the Slide Tube Take-Up™, which is a totally enclosed acme threaded rod, so we have direct compression so that we don’t bind the rod when we’re adjusting it. And it helps adjust the belt tension to keep the belt running true and relieve the stress on the rest of the components.

We’re featuring the standard return roll steel can, the standard self-aligning return roll with a steel can, and the Guardian® Premium Return Roll Guard, which helps protect personnel and keep them from accessing the dangerous pinch point created by the return roll and the belt itself. The Guardian® has a lot of different features, but one of the best ones is that it will interchange with most manufacturers’ return rolls. It’s very simple to install, and it’s made out of ultra-high molecular weight plastic, which is an industrial-grade plastic with a UV inhibitor to ensure long life and durability in the application.

The Titan™ Series Impact Bed features, UHMW and rubber. The UHMW reduces the coefficient of friction between the belt and the bed itself, and the rubber is impact-absorbing. Inside there is an anodized aluminum insert to attach it to the impact bed. The Titan sectional impact bed comes apart in multiple pieces to help make it easier to install and maintain over the service life of the product.

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Established in 1978, Douglas Manufacturing has long been known as a leading manufacturer of conveyor components and engineered conveying solutions. All Conveyor Components are proudly designed and manufactured in Pell City, Alabama.

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