Rulmeca Holding Spa has acquired Douglas Manufacturing, a company that makes conveyor parts, to grow its global presence and product offerings. This helps Douglas access a worldwide supply chain and assists Rulmeca’s expansion in the U.S. Both companies, with a century of experience, plan to improve their products and provide better value to customers. Paul Ross will remain as President, ensuring stability and growth. Together, Douglas Manufacturing and Rulmeca aim to strengthen their position in the market by focusing on innovation, keeping customers satisfied, and serving client interests.

Douglas Manufacturing Is Conveying Innovation Around The World

While Douglas Manufacturing is going to quickly grow into a global presence, we are still a local company and maintaining our traditional values which are in line with Rulmeca’s values. We will continue to support the local economy, we will continue to support local charities, and we will work together with the local government to create and sustain a lot of jobs for the community, bringing a lot of value to the communities that we’re involved in.

About Douglas Manufacturing

Established in 1978, Douglas Manufacturing has become renowned as a top manufacturer of conveyor components and custom conveying solutions. Over the course of its 45-year history, Douglas has consistently showcased leadership and innovation in the conveyor industry. Our commitment revolves around engineering and producing the most efficient conveyor parts, all while maintaining industry-leading delivery times. Our ultimate goal is to provide unmatched products and solutions to our customers, with a focus on enhancing the safety and profitability of their conveyor operations.

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