Rulmeca Holding Spa has acquired Douglas Manufacturing, a company that makes parts for conveyor systems. This acquisition is intended to make Rulmeca more well-known around the world and give Douglas access to a global network of suppliers. The goal is for both companies, which have over 100 years of experience combined, to enhance their products and provide better value to customers. Paul Ross will continue to lead as President, ensuring stability and growth. Together, Douglas Manufacturing and Rulmeca are working to improve their position in the market by concentrating on innovation, keeping customers happy, and prioritizing the interests of their clients.

Exciting Upgrades Coming To Douglas Manufacturing

While we will continue to make many changes to our product lines, our primary focus is on the idlers. This focus will allow us to increase the throughput of idlers and propel Douglas to be one of the largest idler manufacturers in the United States within the next two years. In addition, Douglas will begin to adopt the PSV idler design. This successful design has been utilized at Rulmeca around the globe for many years, and there are millions of these idlers in service in a wide variety of applications.

About Douglas Manufacturing

Since its establishment in 1978, Douglas Manufacturing has built a strong reputation as a top producer of conveyor components and custom conveying solutions. Over its impressive 45-year history, Douglas has consistently shown leadership and innovation within the conveyor industry. The company has been committed to engineering and manufacturing the most efficient conveyor parts, all while maintaining the industry’s quickest lead times. Our primary goal is to provide unmatched products and solutions to our customers, ultimately improving the safety and profitability of their conveyor operations.

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