There can be many complications at the load point of a conveyor system. Some issues when a product is loaded onto the belt include spilling the product, damaging the belt, and/or damaging the supporting idlers.

Impact beds are designed to help eliminate these complications. Impact beds are designed to support the belt. This helps to minimize product spillage, improves the lifespan of the belt, and removes the potential for damaged idlers. Some impact beds may also provide a near-perfect seal between the conveyor belt and skirt boards to minimize fugitive dust.

Impact Bed Designs

Most designs contain bars that are constructed with multiple layers. The upper layer is most commonly UHMW designed to allow the belt to glide across the surface of the impact bed. The next layer is made of a heavy impact absorbing rubber which provides the impact bed with a way to disperse the energy of the material dropping onto the belt. There are some impact bed designs that include a bottom layer of aluminum that is a mounting rail for easy bar replacement.

Types Of Impact Beds

There are a wide variety of impact beds in the market to fit your specific needs. Some bed types include adjustable, sectional, floating, and roller impact beds. Adjustable impact beds are perfect for matching a loading zone’s wing angle requirement and granting easy installation by laying the wings flat during placement. Sectional impact beds reduce downtime with three easily removable sections while the belt is in place. The removable sections allow for easy installation and bar replacement/maintenance and are especially useful in confined or tight spaces. Floating impact beds contain a spring shock absorber system that constantly adjusts to shock loads and provides protection against heavier impacts. Impact beds with impact rollers in the center are often available as a variation of both adjustable and sectional beds. The impact rollers reduce the static friction at the startup of the conveyor.

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