Douglas Manufacturing, a seasoned conveyor components maker, has been acquired by Rulmeca Holding Spa, enhancing its global reach and product range. This strategic move allows Douglas to access a worldwide supply chain and expands Rulmeca’s business in the U.S. Both companies, bringing together over a century of expertise, plan to merge their skills to boost product offerings and customer value. Paul Ross will continue as President, and the leadership team will remain, ensuring stability and ongoing growth. Together, Douglas Manufacturing and Rulmeca aim to bolster their market standing, focusing on innovation, customer contentment, and advancing their clientele’s interests.

What Does The Rulmeca Acquisition Mean For Douglas?

Joining with Rulmeca means that Douglas Manufacturing will begin to grow at a much faster pace than we would have had we not joined together. Rulmeca has made and will continue to make significant investments in our pulley product line and our idler product line, make significant investments in our people and our processes that will help us to become one of the largest pulley and idler manufacturers in the United States within the next 24 months. This will improve our quality, our throughput, and also help us to drive down costs as we leverage their global supply chain and make American-made products.

About Douglas Manufacturing

Founded in 1978, Douglas Manufacturing has earned a reputation as a premier producer of conveyor parts and specialized conveying solutions. With a 45-year history, Douglas has built its heritage on leadership and innovation within the conveyor sector, dedicating itself to the engineering and production of the most effective conveyor components available, ensuring the quickest industry lead times. Our objective is to provide unparalleled products and solutions to our clientele, enhancing the safety and profitability of their conveyor activities.

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