Douglas Manufacturing is engaged in its 2023-2024 expansion project and recently commissioned its new fully automatic CNC idler shaft production center. 

New CNC Idler Shaft Production Center In Service 

The CNC is a completely integrated and autonomous work cell that is capable of producing idler shafts without the need for an operator to be present. This is step one in an aggressive growth and expansion project designed to increase overall idler production so that the company can better accommodate soaring demand for its idler product line. In addition, Douglas Manufacturing has implemented new welding equipment allowing it to adopt the newest welding technology that is easier to use, enhances weld quality and is energy efficient. A win for the team, customers and the environment.


As the year progresses, the company will be adding to its facilities, implementing additional equipment purchases, and hiring more team members so that it can continue to grow and convey innovation™ for many years to come!

More About The CNC Idler Shaft Production Center

​​The new CNC idler shaft production center is a game changer for Douglas, allowing it to streamline its production process and significantly increase its output. The new equipment, combined with the company’s dedication to using the latest technology, has put Douglas in a position to meet the growing demand for its products.

Douglas remains committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and the new welding equipment is a prime example of this. The new technology reduces energy consumption, reduces waste and improves the quality of the final product, making it a win-win situation for Douglas, its customers and the environment.

More About The Douglas Expansion

Douglas Manufacturing is excited about the upcoming expansion. Douglas will be investing over $2 million in the next two years to upgrade its manufacturing capabilities by introducing new equipment and automation technologies and expanding its physical plant.


This investment is expected to create over 20 new jobs in Pell City and increase the size of the plant by approximately 15,000 square feet. Upon completion, the company intends to introduce a second shift, enabling it to more than double its production capacity for key components such as pulleys, lagging, idlers, magnetics, impact beds, and take-ups. The expansion will not only benefit Douglas Manufacturing but also stimulate economic growth by increasing purchases from local and national suppliers.


This latest development is yet another milestone in the proud tradition of Made in Alabama that Douglas Manufacturing has been a part of for the past four and a half decades.

Maintaining A Dedication To Customers

As Douglas Manufacturing expands and grows, it remains dedicated to its core values of quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The company’s goal is to continue to provide its customers with the best possible products and services, and it is well on its way to achieving this goal.

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