Douglas® idlers are made to last and made in America. Our Conveyor Idlers are engineered for demanding CEMA B, C or D applications with an interference fit between the shaft and the bearing for improved sealing, better stability and longer life. Available configurations include, but are not limited to, troughing, return, impact, rubber disc return, self-aligning trough, self-aligning return, scale quality, and live shaft.

The rigid welded steel frame offers interchangeable mounting slots to fit multiple mounting configurations. Utilize our selection sheet to help determine which Idler will work best for you, or contact us, and we will be happy to help. No matter what type of idler you are looking for, Douglas has you covered. 

Contact us today if you have any questions about the different types of Conveyor Idlers or what would be best for you.

Idler Design Features

  • Deep drawn steel end cap with a metal outer seal provides excellent durability and protection
  • Exclusive Triple Lip Polyurethane Contact Seal helps prevent bearing contamination
  • The optional Defender™ Polymer Flinger helps prevent material buildup between the end of the roll and the frame; as well as helps provide additional sealing in wet and corrosive applications
  • CNC machined, shouldered shaft helps ensure proper bearing alignment
  • Rigid, self-cleaning, welded steel frame with interchangeable mounting slots
  • Heavy precision ground sealed for life ball bearings
  • Reduced friction levels help conserve energy
  • Meets or exceeds CEMA B, C & D idler ratings

Guardian™ Premium Return Roll Guard

Learn more.

Safety, Operation & Maintenance Manual

DTA – Negotiator Bidirectional Self-Aligning Return Idler with Steel Rolls

Download technical information. (PDF)

DTA – Negotiator Bidirectional Self-Aligning Return Idler with Rubber Disk Rolls

Download technical information. (PDF)

Douglas Manufacturing Idlers

Engineered for CEMA B, C or D applications, Douglas Manufacturing idlers can be made to a wide range of specifications depending on your needs. We offer troughing, rubber disc, self-aligning trough, scale quality, and live shaft designs as well as custom idlers. 

Why Douglas Manufacturing

For over 40 years, Douglas has been changing the game as a leader and innovator in the conveyor industry.. The engineers at Douglas are constantly creating new ways to make each product better than the last, and we are proud to have all of our products manufactured right here in the United States of America.

If you are interested in learning more about idlers or other products that Douglas Manufacturing offers, contact us today or call 800-884-0064. All of our products are made in our Pell City, Alabama plant. We are also proud to provide emergency services resulting in lead times of as little as 24 hours for critical situations. 

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