Impact Beds

Douglas impact beds are designed to help protect the belt at key transfer point areas and keep conveyed material where it belongs – on the belt. Impact beds are available in seven different configurations to help fit your application requirements.

Engineered or custom designs are also available helping to ensure that Douglas will have the correct solution for your application. Contact us today to learn more.

Douglas Manufacturing impact beds are engineered and designed to protect the conveyor belt at all key transfer points. These impact beds are built to absorb shock loads while supporting the full width of the conveyor belt and help keep conveyed material in place; on the belt where it belongs. Designed to reduce cost and maintenance, impact beds will eliminate bent idler shafts and frames at the critical transfer point. This also means no more worn-out rollers to replace. 


Douglas Impact Beds and Bars for Conveyor Belts

Douglas offers Titan Adjustable Impact Bed Assembly, Titan Sectional Impact Bed Assembly, Impact Bed Bars & T-Bolts, and custom impact beds built specifically for the application. 

Titan Adjustable Impact Bed Assembly

The Titan Adjustable Impact Bed Assembly offers adjustable wing height and changes anywhere from flat, to 20  degrees, and 35 degrees. This impact bed offers easy installation by folding one side flat and sliding under the belt. The beds and bars are available in 40-inch and 60-inch lengths with center roll options available on request.

Titan Sectional Impact Bed Assembly

The Titan Sectional Impact Bed Assembly is built to reduce downtime and features removable sections. When you order, you have the option to choose from fixed angles of 20 degrees, 35 degrees, or 45 degrees. The Sectional Impact Bed is built to have removable sections that allow for easy installation and bar replacement/maintenance. The beds and bars are available in 40-inch and 60-inch lengths with center roll options available upon request. 

Impact Bed Bars and T-Bolts

Douglas offers replacement impact bed bars with anodized aluminum inserts that help prevent corrosion and help ensure easy bar replacement. Replacement T-Bolts are also available. The replacement impact bars use a field-proven t-bolt locking system that is built to last. The profiled leading edge even increases the service bars’ lifetime. The impact bed bars can work with many other manufacturers’ beds and are offered in 48 and 60-inch long lengths and are usually available from stock.

Why Douglas Manufacturing

For over 40 years we have been changing the game as a leader and innovator for impact beds. Custom designs using new technology keeps Douglas Manufacturing a leading source. Our engineers are always creating new ways to make each product better than the last, and we are proud to have all of our products manufactured in the United States.


Download Application Data Sheet for Impact Beds »

ISR – Titan™ Series Sectional Impact Roller Bed

Download technical information. (PDF)

IFC – Titan™ Series Sectional Floating Impact Bed

Download technical information. (PDF)

Safety, Operation & Maintenance Manual

IRB – Titan™ Impact Roller Bed

Download technical information. (PDF)

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